Prevex continues to strengthen the organisation

To even better meet the challenges of the future that comes e.g. through improved digitalization, Prevex is strengthening the company´s organisation further on.

Petter Lingonblad, from Vaasa, starts as new sales director and executive vice president at Prevex in August. Petter has a wide experience of digital business models after working among all as CEO at Fixura, business development director at Axopar and business director at OK Perintä. He´s highly entrepreneurial and driven by business developing. – We need to strengthen the digital business perspective also at Prevex and then it´s important that the sales process is lead by person with that competence. Together with the knowledge we have in the organisation, Petter´s wide experience from the digital area help us achieve our targets, says Marko Nylund, CEO.

Petter is very impressed of the company´s development and feels that the company has a fantastic must-have product. – I´m very inspired, motivated, but also humble starting this job. I´m very much looking forward to work together with the organisation to gear up to reach the sales targets and a broader customer base, he says. Together we will have good possibilities to strengthen our position on the market.

When building business for the future it´s important to have a HR-function that can serve the future challenges. That´s why Prevex will develop the function with Kenneth Holmgård, from Jakobstad starting as a new HR-manager in August. Kenneth has experience from developing HR from different perspectives during many years. In the latest he worked as HR-manager at Baltic Yachts and has also worked as CEO for Jakobstads arbetshälsovårdsförening. – We need and want to have people that feel good in our organisation and that is why it is important to continuously work with the organisation as an employer. Kenneth has that kind of experience that will suit us very well, says CEO Marko Nylund.

In his work as a HR-manager, Kenneth wants to put the people in the organisation in focus. – The people in the organisation are ambassadors for the company. Good results come from well working processes and employees feeling well. I´m very much looking forward to start developing these things at Prevex, says Kenneth Holmgård.

– With this organisation we now have built, we have a good platform to develop the business and to reach our targets and visions, says the CEO, Marko Nylund.