Hello, we’re Prevex!

Remember all those times you didn’t want to think about water traps? Yeah. Lucky for you, we enjoy thinking about them. We also happen to manufacture best water traps in the world. Our high-tech factories are specialised in high-quality kitchen and bathroom innovations. Let’s just say we solve the problems you’d rather send down the drain. And you know what? We get the job done cost-effectively and with far less separate items than the competition. Because we can. So, here’s an idea: leave the water traps to us and continue thinking about…other stuff.

Trust us, we’re Prevex!

Prevex is a family owned company. Our owners at KWH are humble Ostrobothnians, so they probably won’t tell you that Prevex is the largest water trap manufacturer in Europe. They feel that it sounds a bit braggish to say that we manufacture millions of water traps each year, right here at our factories. You see, our automated workflow has made production so smart that we can always offer affordable products. But they probably wouldn’t tell you that either. The thing we love most about our owners, though, is their upright Finnish honesty. They don’t believe in red tape or other nonsense. Instead, they’re so involved in our business, that all our 260 employees feel like a part of the family too. In 2016 we bought our Polish company, which is part of the Prevex family as Prevex Poland nowadays.

The History of Prevex

We’ve cared for plumbing since 1955, so we’ve got you covered. Whatever the problem, a piece of Prevex will fix it.
But how did we get here?

Our story

The environment is our friend

As a very open and friendly company, it makes sense to us to be environmentally friendly as well. We do this by using green electricity, minimising the number of steps in the production process, manufacturing durable products, and optimising our logistics. It benefits all of us, including the environment.