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Not to brag, but…we know a lot about water traps. Seriously, ask us anything. Still, there’s a lot more to know. That’s why we constantly keep our RnD muscles working. On this page, our very own water trap wizard Dr. Drain answers frequently asked questions and shares his best water trap tips.


Q: I have a Smartloc A. Where can I find a parts list and prices for the UK?

Unfortunately we do not have a reseller in the UK. But Ikea sells some of our watertraps.

Q: I have a Prevex connector that came with a Roca sink. It’s a 90 degree bend with 32mm at one end and 40mm at the other. I have cut the bend as per the instructions but was wondering if this is a solvent weld?

The bend is injection molded from polypropylene and is not suited for solvent welding.

Q: I want to buy approved products. Are Prevex water traps approved?

Dr Drain says: Prevex  water traps are approved according to the European standard EN274. It means, that our water traps are tested according to requirements before they are launched.

Q: Where can I find information about how to install the new Smartloc-water trap?

Dr.Drain says:Under the Media section on our website you can find installation videos for all our water trap models. There you can also find for example service guides.

Q: I would like to buy an EasyClean to my bathroom. How can I make sure that it will fit my old sink?

Dr.Drain says: EasyClean is suitable for most ceramic sinks on the market if they have thickness 35 – 55 mm. If you have a thinner sink you will also need an EasyClean spacer. The spacer is 42 mm high and you can also add an overflow kit to it.

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