Water traps. That’s all we care about (almost). We also happen to create the world’s best kitchen and bathroom solutions, right here at our own factory.  Coincidence? Absolutely not. Want to know more? We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch!

Sales team

Sales managers

  • Aurelien Djordjian
    Aurelien Djordjian
    Southern Europe
  • Tomasz Tonder
    Tomasz Tonder
    Eastern Europe
  • Janusz Wozniacki
    Janusz Wozniacki
    Russia & The Baltic States
  • Esa Niemi-Nikkola
    Esa Niemi-Nikkola
  • Conny Eklund
    Conny Eklund
    Sweden, Industrial Customers
  • Stefan Skoogh
    Stefan Skoogh
  • Maria Jeppsson
    Maria Jeppsson
    Poland, Industrial Customers
  • Adam Plotnicki
    Adam Plotnicki
  • Filip Jankowski
    Filip Jankowski
    Sales Director, Southern & Western Europe
  • Peter Engstrand
    Peter Engstrand
    Sales Director, Northern Europe

Customer Care

  • Ann-Christin Sandlin
    Ann-Christin Sandlin
    Costumer Care
  • Wioletta Marcinkowska
    Wioletta Marcinkowska
    Continental Europe
  • Kinga Debowska
    Kinga Debowska
    Continental Europe, Polish Industrial customers   
  • Anna Kengo
    Anna Kengo
    Customer Care Team Leader
  • Tanja Björklund
    Tanja Björklund
    Customer Project Team Leader
  • Petra Hirvelä-Mensakov
    Petra Hirvelä-Mensakov
    Finland, Scandinavia

Contact us

Prevex, Finland:
Oy Prevex Ab
Pietarsaarentie 31
66900 Uusikaarlepyy
Phone: +358 6 781 8000

Prevex Poland:
Prevex Sp. Z o.o
ul. Cisowa 9, Niepruszewo
64-320 Buk
Phone: +48 61 89 68 200


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