Prevex in 2019 – new winds blew for sustainability, production steering and a new company culture

For our rapidly growing company, the year 2019 was a time to strengthen our foundations. By taking care of our employees, tools and energy management, we made the conscious decision to invest in a sustainable future.

The work to enhance the company’s processes had already been initiated in 2018, and was followed by the introduction of a new ERP system in 2019. Thanks to the new system, we were able to collect more accurate data for our decision making, even more effectively. This meant that our production and sales operations could be steered more efficiently, which, in turn, led to enhanced stock-keeping and logistics. At the same time, the new system allowed us to increase the integration between Prevex’s production units in Poland and Finland.

When it comes to human resources, Prevex worked to create an open and comfortable atmosphere for the personnel on many levels. In addition to putting more focus on HR functions, we wanted to consolidate our core values: honesty, respect and engagement. Everything in our work culture should be based on increased participation to enable change – together.

In 2019, Prevex continued paving the way to a sustainable future by actively cooperating with customers and suppliers. The biggest leap forward was the decision to use 100% renewable energy (hydropower for electricity and biofuel for heating) in our Finnish production unit in Nykarleby. In order to decrease Prevex’s CO2 footprint, we continued our search to find alternative raw materials to plastic in water trap manufacturing. We also initiated a project to find more sustainable and ecofriendly alternatives to our product packaging.

The way to sustainability will certainly continue as an important theme in 2020. For instance, we have already made the decision to make solar power another one of our renewable energy sources.


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Everything in our work culture should be based on increased participation to enable change – together.