We know a lot of plumbers,
and they all like our products

Traditional water traps are agonising to assemble and a nightmare to clean. Who wants that? No one. That’s why our factories are committed to creating better water traps. We work with professionals to figure out how to make plumbing quicker and easier. So, if you’re ready to invest in a kitchen or bathroom solution that will last as long as your house, Prevex is your number one choice. Install it and forget about it – that’s our philosophy.


Our pre-assembled water traps for kitchens are durable, flexible and space saving. We also offer space saving waste kit systems that give you the space you’ve been looking for.

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Our pre-assembled water traps for bathrooms are durable, flexible and space saving. You might not know this yet, but these things will make you very happy.

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We finally made it happen: The ideal water trap solution. You’re probably most interested in the fact that it’s super easy to clean – 20 seconds and you’re done.

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The Smartloc is jam-packed with technical improvements. It’s easy to install in a space-saving way and cleans out without needing any special tools.

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Our secret:

Our RnD team is filled with experts and product developers who think about water traps 100 % more than the average person. In other words, they have a really good intuition for what works and what doesn’t. Although water traps are as old as plumbing itself, our team continually finds ways to create unique solutions. The magic word is pre-assembly. You see, we don’t believe in plastic bags filled with random parts and shady instructions. Instead, we pre-assemble our products as far as possible. Because – let’s be honest – not everyone’s idea of a perfect Friday evening involves assembling water traps.