Preloc is a flexible and easy-to-install water trap for bathrooms. These water traps, equipped with both horizontal and vertical telescopic features, are extremely space saving as they can be mounted onto the back wall. That means more space for your drawers! Another great thing is, that two washbasins can be combined using only one outlet pipe. For bowl type wash basins, we recommend Preloc Top Mounted water traps. As with all Prevex products, Preloc water traps comply with the European standard EN-274.


Preloc Bathroom Siphons

Preloc A

Preloc, space saving pop up plug.

Preloc B

Preloc space saving slip nut

Preloc C

Preloc space saving, top-mounted with twist plug

Preloc D

Preloc, adjustable with rubber plug,

Preloc E

Preloc slip nut

Preloc F

Preloc with rubber plug

Preloc G

Preloc 2-bowl space saving with pop up plug

Preloc H

Preloc 2-bowl space saving with nut connection 1 1/4 "

Preloc I

Waste valve for bath tubs with pop up plug.

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