Comploc -water trap

Comploc is our most popular water trap. So far, we’ve sold millions worldwide. Our customers really enjoy its compact, durable and affordable wall-mounted Scandinavian design. We totally get why. Comploc is an easy-to-install, compact and durable water trap for floor or wall mounting. Its key word is flexibility.

Thanks to Comploc’s horizontal and vertical telescopic super powers, it fits all sink combinations. One more thing: Overflow covers can be customised according to your requirements. As with all Prevex products, Comploc water traps comply with the European standard EN-274.


Comploc -water trap, 2-bowl

Comploc 2-bowl A

2-bowl, 114 mm strainers, remote

Comploc 2-bowl B

2-bowl, 114 mm strainers

Comploc 2-bowl C

2-bowl, 70 mm strainers

Comploc 2-bowl D

2-bowl, slip nut 1½"

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