• Landvetter Flygplats
    Jonas Ståhl"We’ve worked with Prevex for roughly a year and I've got nothing to complain about: the sales representative is easy to get hold of and the products are delivered in a timely manner. I’m really impressed by the modern, easy-to-use water traps we have installed: we’re definitely going to use more Prevex products in the future and I recommend others to check them out, too!"
  • Svedbergs
    Ulf HaldénStrategic Technical Purchaser"We’ve been working with Prevex for some 5 years. Our cooperation has been damn good – I’m pleased, to say the least. I really appreciate our tight dialogue. Prevex also sports a good attitude and wants to help. As a buyer, I also value that Prevex has always been able to justify their prices."
  • Intra Mölntorp Ab
    Katarina AnderssonManager Product Development & Management”For several years, we’ve had a good customer/supplier relation with Prevex. Prevex has also been a natural partner when it comes to custom designed sanitation parts, which we appreciate a lot. It feels good that Prevex listens to our thoughts and ideas, always being there for us in a positive way. That’s gold!”
  • Stala
    Tarja KuittinenSupply Chain Director”We’ve worked with Prevex as long as I can remember. Our cooperation is still carried out with a smile and our regular meetings with Prevex are always fun events. Prevex takes on product development challenges with an open mind, always striving to develop their solution according to customer requirements. It’s also very important to us that the factory is close by and that the products are Finnish.”
  • Franke Nederland
    Ton De WitRegional Marketing Director“Our close cooperation with Prevex goes back a long time. Prevex has proven to be a reliable, high-quality partner and has shown supply chain flexibility. Prevex is always trying to find a cost-efficient solution in our mutual interest. Together, we are constantly improving our products.”
  • Temal
    Harri HöglundDeputy CEO“After over 20 years of cooperation, we know that Prevex is a high-quality partner that wants to find the best solution for each customer. Our custom made Prevex water trap is a big competitive advantage for us. We’re very pleased with our cooperation – Prevex is a nice bunch of experts that we can always trust.”